Arnhemia 2013


In The Netherlands, Indonesian students don’t really have the place to express their talents and interest especially, in sport. Therefore, Indonesian Student Association in Arnhem wants to accommodate them with an event in which they can play, socialize, and compete with other Indonesian students in the Netherlands. As a result, we came up with an idea of ARNHEMIA –the first sport event held by ISA Arnhem. It is consisted of three main sport types; Futsal, Basketball and Badminton. This year we have added Badminton as our new branch sport which is based on the research that has been conducted. As the year goes by, we are planning to add more activity branches in this event. ARNHEMIA provides an appropriate medium to interact and build a relationship between Indonesian communities in different regions by giving an amiable and positive environment.

We offer a good quality competition for participants to expand their talents while communicating with people and having fun. This year, Arnhemia is held on 23th and 24th of February 2013 in Valkenhuizen, Arnhem.

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